Kahane & Associates, P.A. is committed to being a leader in the use of technology to deliver legal services. Reflecting this commitment, we have integrated the latest technology into our practice at every level, providing a distinct competitive advantage to both our clients and our firm.

We make use of all current technologies available, such as high-speed internet connections and sophisticated document imaging and management systems.   We have also developed our own tools to collaborate with our clients’ respective systems via an extensive client extranet portal.   All of our desktop technologies are remote-accessible so that our network can be reached from any location in the world.   This allows us to quickly access e-mails and client documents, perform legal research and use other tools necessary to work effectively on any legal matter.

Kahane & Associates, P.A. is committed to developing client portals on our website that enhance our clients' ability to manage their legal affairs. We have developed Case In Point (CIP), a cutting-edge extranet collaborative tool, to interact with clients so they can best manage, in real time, dynamic and fast-moving litigated and non-litigated matters.   This system provides each client with access to its files for matters handled by our firm.   All portals which are client-specific and password-protected.

Kahane & Associates, P.A. maintains a comprehensive disaster recovery program that enhance the security, safety and recovery of our clients' data.  We continue to make a substantial investment each year in cutting-edge technology for one reason: to effectively and efficiently serve our clients.